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Productos del Plata, Inc. (PDP Group) is a company that specializes in importing, selling and distributing high quality food products from different countries, mainly from Argentina and South America.

It was founded in Miami in 2002 with the overall goal of bringing the best food products and worldwide recognized brands to the American table.

We handle only the best high quality products from other countries, including frozen foods (empanadas and pastas), groceries, spices, yerba mate, teas, cookies and crackers, jams and sweets, and more. We proudly feature fancy food brands such as Arcor, Bagley, Brandsen, Cachamai, Celusal, Fargo, La Campagnola, La Parmesana, Mendia, Cachafaz Alfajores, Peru Food, and Rosa Monte, among others.  

We manage a 12.700 ft. warehouse and also have refrigerated warehouse services available. The combination of suitable facilities, an effective and dynamic distribution system, and our dedicated multinational team with more than 11 years of experience, allows us to not only satisfy but exceed our customers’ needs.

PDP Group’s philosophy is not only to sell the best food products in the world, but also to deliver them to our customers with the greatest care and excellence they deserve. That is why we strive to constantly supervise our products, their delivery and distribution to ensure the highest quality every time.

We are a company leader in international food imports and distribution industry. Our goal is to continue providing our customers with the best food products from other countries, and to continue solidifying and expanding our capacity to bring our customers the best high quality food products with the utmost care and consistency.    

Our continued mission is to keep developing in the best way possible in order to discover new opportunities that can meet our customers’ evolving necessities.


Sales and Distribution


Our company’s specialized sales agents offer the best personalized attention to each one of our customers. We also have sales agents in major Florida cities and in other states such as: California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

We have a varied customer portfolio including a wide range of retailers such as: supermarkets, mini markets, drugstores, convenience stores, etc.

We offer complete delivery and re-stocking services using our own vehicles and we also have agreements with renowned national transportation companies.




Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products while providing a superb service to every corner and potential customer in the United States.

Keeping in mind this top of the line service and high quality products, our goal is to grow solid to become the highest ranked imports and distribution company in the delicatesssens industry.


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